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Become an AAfPE Legal Educator Journal Author

The AAfPE Legal Educator Journal is a prestigious platform for educators and researchers in the field of legal education. Recognized for its commitment to advancing the quality of legal education, our journal offers unparalleled opportunities to share innovative research and teaching methodologies.

Why should you publish with AAfPE Legal Educator Journal?

  • Authoritative Source:


The AAfPE Legal Educator Journal is a trusted source for legal educators and researchers worldwide, known for its rigorous peer-review process and high-quality publications.

  • Broad Reach:


Our journal reaches a diverse audience of legal educators, administrators, and practitioners, ensuring your work has a significant impact on the field of legal education.

  • Prestigious Platform:


Publishing with AAfPE Legal Educator Journal enhances your professional reputation and provides recognition within the legal education community.

  • Comprehensive Coverage:


With a wide range of topics including pedagogy, curriculum development, assessment, and technology in legal education, our journal is the perfect outlet for your research.

  • Digital Access:

Articles are published in our digital library, offering easy access to your work for readers and researchers globally.

  • Commitment to Quality:


The AAfPE Legal Educator Journal adheres to the highest standards of scholarly publishing, ensuring that your research is presented in a professional and impactful manner.

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