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Goal: Reach as many people as possible in the legal community with information about paralegal education and the achievements of our students as well as our educators. 

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Social Media
  • Listserv
  • Archives
  • Awards and recognitions to educators and students, including LEX

Board Liaison: Director of Certificate Programs


Goal: Provide resources and professional development to all members to provide tools to improve their teaching skills.

Areas of Responsibility:
  • Publications (The Legal Educator)
  • Conferences
  • Resources (including the Electronic Resource Library)
  • Pedagogy (includes educational technology)
  • Curriculum
  • Technology

Board Liaison: Director of Baccalaureate Programs

Outreach (Policy)

Goal: Further the paralegal profession in the community and to be on the forefront of the issues affecting the legal community and respond to developments in areas we identify as priorities e.g., access to justice, licensed legal professionals, future of legal education, and recommendations for ABA guidelines.

Board Liaison: Director of Associate Programs