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LEX Honor Society Overview

Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) is the national honor society. There are LEX Chapters throughout the United States and thousands of inductees who have been honored for their outstanding academic achievements. 

Students who meet LEX's high academic criteria and cite them for their accomplishments by inducting them into Lambda Epsilon Chi. These students are recognized through a formal ceremony and the awarding of a Certificate of Induction and a special pin.

For those Institutional Members of AAfPE who do not have a LEX Chapter, you may apply for one by completing an online application in the member portal. 


The student to be inducted must demonstrate "superior academic performance” which is evidenced by an overall grade point average of at least 3.25, plus a grade point average in their paralegal classes of at least 3.50, to make membership in LEX a true and meaningful academic honor within the institution and a recognizable indication of superior academic achievement to members of the legal profession in the geographical area served by the institution. Students must also have completed at least one-half of their program requirements at the time of induction.

Please allow four weeks for the receipt of certificates and pins.

Please note: Student/Personal credit cards and checks will no longer be accepted for payment and will be returned. School issued credit cards (P-Card), school issued checks and money orders will be accepted. CASH will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lambda Epsilon Chi LEX

1. Who is eligible to form a Chapter of LEX?

 AAfPE members may apply to form a Chapter of LEX along with a check for $250.00.

2. Who is eligible to be inducted into LEX?

A student is eligible for induction into LEX, if:

  • The student has completed not less than one-half of the program requirements to           complete such program as determined by the institution.

  • The student has demonstrated superior academic performance by achieving an overall grade point average of 3.25 or higher and a grade point average of 3.50 within the paralegal courses of the program.

  • The student satisfies any other additional specific criteria necessary to qualify for their Chapter as determined by the Institution, for example potential to lead the profession, community service, submitting an essay or personal statement, or achieving a higher-grade point average than the minimum required by AAfPE. 

3. When are students inducted into LEX?

Institutions may induct students into LEX at any time or times during the year.

4. May past graduates be inducted into LEX?

Institutions may apply induct alumni who would have qualified for induction if the       institution had established a Chapter of LEX at the time the alumni graduated.


5. What is the cost for the student to be inducted into LEX?

Institution must remit the sum of $50.00 for each student the Institution wishes to induct into its Chapter of LEX, which can be paid with school issued credit cards (P-Card), school issued check, or money order.

6. Can a Chapter have an Honorary Inductee to LEX?

An institution may induct one honorary inductee each year. An honorary inductee is someone who has been of service to the paralegal program at their institution, for example, an advisory board member, judge, or member of the faculty

7. Who is responsible for the operation of LEX?

The AAfPE Board of Directors will designate (from time to time as it sees fit) a person or persons to be the National Coordinator of LEX. The National Coordinator chairs an elected Advisory Committee which is composed of one regional representative from each of the five regions. The Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the AAfPE Board of Directors regarding policy.

8. Are there any requirements to form a club or have club meetings and/or activities?

There is no requirement to form a club or have officers and/or conduct meetings and activities; this is left to the discretion of the individual institution and Chapter.


9. If a Program Director has any questions regarding LEX who may s/he contact?

All inquires may be directed to the LEX National Coordinator at

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