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Ivy League Bound: Student Secures $2.3 Million Scholarship

In the bustling halls of Lone Star College and Avalos P-TECH, one name echoes with the resonance of accomplishment and aspiration: Briseida Sanchez. A trailblazer, a scholar, and an advocate, Briseida stands as a beacon of hope for her community and a testament to the power of perseverance.

Hailing as the eldest child of immigrant parents, Briseida's journey is one marked by determination and dedication. As she marches towards her graduation, she not only secures a high school diploma but also an Associates in Applied Science of Paralegal Studies. This milestone not only marks her personal triumph but also signals a generational shift as she becomes the first in her family to tread the path to higher education.

Briseida's academic prowess shines brightly, with a stellar 4.0 GPA placing her among the top three students out of a cohort of 107. But her impact stretches far beyond the classroom walls. As a Student Ambassador, she embodies leadership and service, guiding her peers towards success. As the president of speech and debate, she hones her advocacy skills, preparing herself for a future where her voice will resonate in courtrooms and boardrooms alike. Additionally, her role as the senior photography editor adds a creative flair to her repertoire, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Yet, Briseida's commitment to her community is perhaps most evident in her role as a catechist for second graders and as a family translator and interpreter. In these roles, she bridges not only language barriers but also fosters a sense of unity and understanding, enriching the lives of those around her.

Briseida's achievements extend far beyond her academic institution, as evidenced by the array of prestigious colleges and universities that eagerly sought her presence. From the University of Houston to the University of Pennsylvania, each institution recognizes the potential and promise that Briseida embodies. Her dedication to her education is matched only by her commitment to service, as reflected in the impressive $2,335,032 in scholarships she has earned, including the esteemed Gates Scholarship, a testament to her exceptional abilities and unwavering determination.

Throughout her journey, Briseida has garnered a multitude of accolades, from the Quest Bridge College Prep Scholars to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Alumni. Each award serves as a testament to her excellence and her potential to effect meaningful change in her community and beyond.

As Briseida embarks on the next chapter of her journey at the University of Pennsylvania, she does so not only as a scholar but as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her story serves as a reminder that with perseverance, passion, and purpose, any obstacle can be overcome, and any dream can be achieved.


Jeffrey Watts, MA, CP

Member - American Association for Paralegal Education

Professor - Paralegal Studies 

Lone Star College - North Harris

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